Manilaliveware: From parody to plagiarism

Wednesday , 30, September 2015 Leave a comment

Update: Within 12 hours of complaints by multiple Timawans on Manilalivewire’s Facebook (FB) page, Manilalivewire quietly — with no admission of wrongdoing — adjusted their article. See here.

Many thanks to the forum members who lent their voice to the protest. It is unfortunate that the mere act of calling attention to their malfeasance got you banned from their FB page.

Details of adjustments made are available at the bottom of this article.

What was plagiarized?

Compare the Manilalivewire article captured below with the following article. The parody site’s entry, dated September 28, is a word-for-word copy of this blog’s article dated September the 26. Right down to the acknowledgement of “Indonesian Timawans” — but without the context for what a Timawan was. A “Timawan” in the original article’s context referred to the members of the forum.


The post-complaint modifications to the Manilalivewire article include:

  • Removal of references to “Indonesian Timawans” and replacement with “Indonesian media and Wikipedia”. Which by itself still ignores the work put in by Indonesian Timawans who monitored Indonesian media to bring the photos, used in both this and the Manilalivewire article, into focus
  • Removal of references to SSV-1 being the largest combat vessel in Philippine Navy history, and comparisons to BRP Mactan
  • Removal of references to the “improved Makasaar design”, and even references to original designer: Daesun Shipbuilding & Engineering of South Korea

The word-by-word copy of the descriptions of the photographs remain however.