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2013: What’s happening with the AFP modernization program

Note: This article is also available on the Timawa.net forum on the long-standing “What’s happening with the AFP modernization program” thread.

In comparison with the past two years, 2013 was significantly muted from a modernization perspective. Many of the acquisitions that had been announced in previous years have either been delayed, fell through, or have delivery dates after 2013. It was, however, a noteworthy year for “Notices of Award” and acquisition negotiations.

The following projects have reached this stage in the acquisition process and are in various stages of post-qualification or terms-of-reference negotiation. These efforts aren’t expected to yield results till well after 2013 and their successful completion is not, by any stretch of the imagination, assured. For that reason they are separated from the actual acquisition list. Here is a sampling of prominent projects:

Philippine Air Force

  • Lead-In Fighter Trainer / Surface Attack Aircraft: KAI F/A-50 Golden Eagle selected by way of the Defense System of Management (DSOM). Negotiations for terms of payment ongoing (see here)
  • Attack Helicopter project: awarded to AgustaWestland for eight (8) AW109 helicopters due for delivery in 2014 (see here)
  • UH-1H acquisition project: Awarded to Rice Aircraft services for 21 refurbished UH-1H helicopters (see here)

Philippine Navy

  • National Coast Watch Center (NCWC): contract to design and construct the NCWC, with associated data integration with various stakeholders, awarded to Raytheon. Project completion scheduled for 2015. (see here)

Philippine Army / Philippine Marines

  • M-4 assault rifle acquisition project: contract to supply 50,629 M-4 rifles awarded to Remington Arms Co (see here)
  • M113A2 acquisition project: 142 Excess Defense Article (EDA) M113A2s are slated to be acquired from the United States (see here). The delivery date for this project is currently unclear

Arguably the most prominent arrival for the year was the BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF-16) for the Philippine Navy. However this ship was officially turned over to the PN in 2012 and rightfully counts as an acquisition of that year. PF-16 was formally commissioned as a PN frigate in 2013 after having spent the better part of a year in Charleston, NC USA after the turnover from the USCG.

One aspect of the modernization program that did get traction in 2013 was the Government Arsenal, with the arrival of key quality assurance equipment. Training for a brand-new multi-station bullet assembly machine, which the DND Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) awarded to Waterbury Farrel in 2011, commenced in May 2013 (see here). However delivery of the GA-customized machine was slated for 2014.

The following list focuses on actual deliveries of equipment that were made in 2013. These include refurbishment efforts that returned previously inactive assets to service. This list is in flux as definitive confirmation of key projects remain pending as of publication.

PN_mod Multi-Purpose Helicopter  agusta_zps2f72ac6a A batch of three (3) FLIR-equipped AgustaWestland AW109 Power helicopters were delivered in December 2013. Timawa discussion here
Small Unit Riverine Craft (SURC)  1237953_459876634127958_523532353_n Six (6) units of Silver Ships Small Unit Riverine Craft (SURC), which were acquired via FMS, were delivered to the Philippine Marines in September 2013. Timawa.net discussion here.
PAF_mod Combat Utility Helicopter  W3A_zpsce926b5a The final two W-3 Sokol helicopters arrived from Poland in February 2013 here. This delivery completed the 8-helicopter order.
Refurbishment: AS-211 1092119_596083070414122_1193737797_o Two S211 aircraft were refurbished and returned to service. Timawa discussion here.
Refurbishment: Sikorsky S-76 air ambulance IMG_1111_zps5b4a89e3 Two S-76 helicopters were refurbished and converted into air ambulance configuration and returned to service in December 2013. Timawa discussion here.
71155_327179393712_8339928_n 5-ton truck acquisition (Philippine Army & Philippines Marines)  IMG_1114_zpsfce8ba76 Twelve units of Kia KM-500 5-ton trucks were acquired for the Philippine Army and Philippine Marine Corps. Timawa discussion here
1/4 ton-truck acquisition  command A batch of 190 Kai KM-450 trucks, including 4 ceremonial car versions, were acquired. Timawa discussion here
Flat-bed trailer acquisition Flat-bed trailers for the transport of tracked vehicles were acquired. Timawa discussion here
Force protection equipment acquisition Timawa discussion here
Global Position System (GPS) equipment Timawa discussion here
81mm mortar acquisition project  serbia_mortar One hundred (100) Serbian-made mortars were delivered as part of the Philippine Army’s 81mm mortar acquisition project. Timawa discussion here.
ga Universal Weapon Rest  1238172_426250357486220_1969987738_n Universal Weapon Rest, manufactured by Saber (United Kingdom), used to test the accuracy of weapons such as as M-16, M-14, MSSR, SPR & various pistols was delivered and installed at the GA Ballistics Facility on September 16, 2013. Timawa discussion here.
Weighing and gauging machine 1624408_10203293132317387_861917462_n An automated electronic weighing and gauging machine from Waterbury Farrel — a key component in the company’s ammunition production system — was delivered and installed at the GA. Timawa discussion here

Sokols in action

Ten months after delivery from Poland in February, and only weeks after the second-batch of two units arrived at Clark AFB, the Sokols have been deployed to their first high profile mission in COMPOSTELA Valley in support of relief operations in the wake of typhoon Pablo. The following screen capture from an ABS-CBN report shows two W-3As deployed, indicating satisfactory completion of the testing phase of the aircraft service career in the Philippine Air Force. The helicopters are first visible at time index 00:29 of the video.



Combat Utility Helicopter (CUH) acquisition project

Timawa.net forum discussionhttp://timawa.net/forum/index.php?topic=13608.0

The Department of National Defense initiated the P3 billion Combat Utility Helicopter acquisition project in July 24, 2008. This acquisition was for the Philippine Air Force, but because of its amount, it fell under the responsibility of the DND Bids and Awards Committee (BAC). The project sought eight (8) utility helicopters that could, among other things, carry a crew of four, with eight passengers with a minimum payload of 3,000 lbs.

Deliveries of the first four helicopters are expected in November 2011.

The following table presents the latest official timeline for this project, as stated in the Department of National Defense Procurement Monitoring Report for July 2010. This PMR is currently available on the GPPB Website, and is open source information.

Date Activity
July 8, 2008 Pre-Procurement Conference for PAF Combat Utility Helicopter (CUH) Acquisition Project.
July 17, 2008 Publication of Invitation to Apply for Eligibility and to Bid (IAETB) at Philippine Daily Inquirer, PhilGEPS, and DND Websites
July 24, 2008 Pre-bid conference
September 5, 2008 Bid opening. Only one (1) bidder (Agusta Westland S.P.A) participated in the bid opening. However the eligibility documents of Agusta Westland were found to be patently insufficient and non-compliance, hence, eligibleDND BAC Resolution No. AFPMP-PAF-CUH-08-001. DND BAC declared Agusta Westland S.p.A ineligible and directed to conduct a re-bidding for the project
September 8, 2008 Re-bidding. Publication of IAETB at Philippine Daily Inquirer, PhilGEPS, and DND Websites
September 19, 2008 Pre-bid conference
October 9, 2008 Two (2) bidders (Agusta Westland S.p.A and PZL Swidnik) particpated in bid openingDND BAC Resolution No. AFPMP-PAF-CUH-08-002. DND BAC rated Agusta Westland as failed while PZL Swidnik was declared ineligible to bid and declared a second failure of bidding
October 17, 2008 PZL Swidnik filed a Letter for Reconsideration
December 4, 2008 DND BAC Resolution No. AFPMP-PAF-CUH-08-003. DND BAC denied the Letter for reconsideration of PZL Swidnik for lack of merit
May 20, 2009 Secretary of National Defense approved recommendation of the DND BAC for the Conduct of Negotiated Procurement
June 17 & 23, 2009 Pre-procurement conference. The Project Terms of Reference (TOR) and list of suppliers to be invited were approved by the Negotiating Committee
July 21, 2009 Pre-negotiation conference
August 28, 2009 Bid opening. Only one (1) bidder (PZL Swidnik) participated in the bid openingCUH Negotiating Committee Resolution No. AFPMP-PAF-CUH-09-003. DND BAC declared PZL Swidnik A.S. as the Single Calculated Bidder (SCB) for the said project and directed the conduct of Post-Qualification
Sept 16, 2009October 26-30, 2009 The post qualification of PZL Swidnik was done in two phases, first, the local phase and second, the foreign phase. Checking of eligibility documents issued by appropriate offices in the country and post qualification of PZL Swidnik in Poland
Nov 5, 2009 The Negotiating Committee declared Wytwornia Sprzetu komunikacyjnego “PZL Swidnik” S.A. as the Single Calculated and Responsive Bidder and recommended to the DND BAC to issue resolution for the issuance of the Notice of Award in its favorDND BAC affirmed the recommendation of CUH Negotiating Committee to declare Wytwornia Sprzetu komunikacyjnego “PZL Swidnik” S.A. as the Single Calculated and Responsive Bidder for the said project and recommended for the issuance of the Notice of Award in its favor
November 26, 2009 Issuance of Notice of Award in favor of PZL Swidnik. NOA was approved/signed by the Secretary of National Defense. Click image below to enlarge.

June 1, 2010 Contract Agreement & Issuance of Notice to Proceed. Approved/signed by SND