What is the FA-50PH really for?


The Korean Aerospace Industries FA-50PH is the single most sophisticated aircraft in the Philippine Air Force inventory. The arrival of the first two aircraft on November 28, 2015 heralded the formal start of the service’s efforts to rebuild it’s air defense operations capability. These two “Fighting Eagles”, as South Korea calls them, were the first of […]

Inventory: Lockheed-Martin C-130 / L-100-20 (Updated)


The following is a record of Lockheed C-130 Hercules and L-100-20 (civilian version of the C-130) aircraft that are currently in the Philippine Air Force. Most are inactive at the C-130 graveyard in Mactan, Cebu. A small — but growing — fraction are operational. As per Manokski’s C-130 page, a total of 19 C-130s had […]

A role for seaplanes in the Armed Forces of the Philippines


Seaplanes and flying boats are aircraft with the unique ability to travel to any marine destination, at fixed-wing-aircraft speed, and then land and take-off from water. It is a category of aircraft that is — theoretically — well suited to an archipelagic country like the Philippines.

The Philippine Navy’s 15-year development plan calls for the acquisition of eight […]

“Sea denial” vs “Sea Control”


Thanks to a position paper published by Congressman Roilo Golez, the term “area denial” has entered mainstream Philippine social media discussions about tensions with China and territorial threats in the West Philippine Sea. But what exactly is “Sea Denial”? To fully appreciate that mission, one must also understand the super-set mission: “Sea Control”.

The following […]

The Geagle game


Spot the difference between different Golden Eagle versions using the following images taken from the KAI Website. Do the following:

1. Open a tabbed browser (latest versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox fall in this category)

2. Copy the following links to a different tabs:




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Comparison: Crusader vs Geagle


Barring any significant reversals (which still remain possible as of writing), the South Korean KAI Golden Eagle appears poised to become the most sophisticated combat aircraft ever to enter service with the Philippine Air Force. It is a 21st century aircraft that will mark the start of the age of Fly-By-Wire for the PAF. The […]

Three operational C-130s at last


The following DND photograph captures a significant milestone in recent PAF history: the return of the rule-of-three to its airlift operations. Aircraft #4704, which recently arrived from a PDM cycle in the United States, and #4726, the PAF workhorse in recent years.

Touted as a milestone in self-reliance, the Philippine Air Force completed Programmed Depot […]

Sokols in action


Ten months after delivery from Poland in February, and only weeks after the second-batch of two units arrived at Clark AFB, the Sokols have been deployed to their first high profile mission in COMPOSTELA Valley in support of relief operations in the wake of typhoon Pablo. The following screen capture from an ABS-CBN report shows […]

PAF: Waiting on the 5th attempt at getting Attack Helicopters


The Philippine Star confirmed what had been feared on the Timawa.net forum for months, the most recent attempt by the Philippine Air Force to acquire all-weather attack helicopters, had failed. It was the fourth project in a series of attempts that dated back to 2006.

The focal point for this effort were ten (10) Eurocopter […]

Aerotech awarded P69.5M contract for MSI of PAF S211


Aerotech Industries Philippines was awarded a P69,482,840.81 contract to perform a Major Structural Inspection (MSI) of S211 #021 of the Philippine Air Force. Teresa Parian, CEO of the company was given notice on the 6th of November 2012.

MSI, alternatively referred to as Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) or Inspection Replace As Necessary (IRAN), is a […]