Statement of Work for F-16 Depot Level Maintenance


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F-16 Depot Maintenance Services Support for PACAF Solicitation Number: FA8232-12-R-PACAF Agency: Department of the Air Force Office: Air Force Materiel Command Location: Hill AFB OO-ALC

A copy of the document itself is available here.

Depot Level Maintenance […]

Updated assessments of F-16 airframe life


At the turn of the 21st Century, as the USAF found conducting combat operations over Iraq and Afghanistan with increasingly aging aircraft that were leftovers from the Cold War it took stock of its aircraft inventory and came to the following observation

As a system’s cumulative operating time increases, the probability of its failure […]

Preparing for F-16s: “Peace Carvin” in reverse


The Office of the President, Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Philippine Air Force have all publicly declared the Aquino administration’s intention to acquire 12 surplus F-16C/D aircraft from the United States. These are interesting times for the Philippine Air Force, whose prevailing skill-sets are still geared towards equipment that is decades behind the Falcons.