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This is a collection of Websites designed to cultivate discussion about the state of Philippine defense / disaster preparedness in general, and the reserve force of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in particular. It is an entirely private endeavor, and is not affiliated with the AFP.

The site's origin can be traced to a unit-history research project for the Ateneo de Davao University Citizen Military Training (CMT) Unit started in September 1991. Information gleaned from this study became the basis for the original site which became known as the Ateneo de Davao ROTC History (ADROTH) project.

Since the creation of the first site, the project expanded into the following sites:

ADROTH Project This is the project that gave the site its name. It focuses on the history of the currently de-activated Ateneo de Davao CMT/ROTC/WATC unit, and went online in June 2000.
Philippine War Machine A blog focusing on the AFP Modernization Program and other AFP acquisitions.
Anti-ROTC Focuses on the ROTC Crisis of 2001 which ended the mandatory nature of school-based martial training in the Philippines.
ROTC Hunter Guerrillas A salute to the ROTC and PMA cadets that ignored their orders to surrender to Japanese invaders, and helped sustain the fight until the defeat of the aggressor.
Reservist.ph An unofficial reference for the Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Act of 1991, that focuses on how the law is currently being applied -- or not applied.
Star Tracker An online study of the composition of generals and admirals in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.


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