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Welcome to an online study of the composition of generals and admirals in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
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The following table shows the number of generals/admirals that the ADROTH Project has been able to track to date; classified according to origin. Officers whose origins are not yet known are listed as "To be determined".

Records presented to the House Committee on Appropriations in January 2005 indicate that there were 163 generals / admirals in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The project is only able to capture a fraction of this at any time.


The ADROTH Project endeavors to make the information on this site as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However, the never ending stream of promotions and retirements, most of which go unnoticed in the press, will inevitably result in inaccuracies.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines is not in anyway associated with this Website.

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