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The ADROTH Project site seeks to stimulate objective, enlightened, discussion about the prospects for advancement amongst officers that are not graduates of the Philippine Military Academy. In support of this goal, the Project has established this site to monitor the composition of the upper echelons of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The National ROTC Alumni Association (NRAA) estimates that ROTC graduates comprise approximately 70% of the AFP officer corps. However, only roughly 5% of generals/admirals come from this block. Casual observers understandably ask: "Why?"

Speculation about the cause of the imbalance can be grouped into two common assumptions:

  • Graduates of the Philippine Military Academy are unduly favored over non-PMA graduates
  • Non-PMA graduates are inherently inferior to their Baguio-forged counterparts

Needless to say, non-PMA alumni espouse the first assumption, while PMA supporters champion the latter. The ADROTH Project believes that the truth lies somewhere in between.

This site seeks to challenge both assumptions by collecting information about the few ROTC graduates that reach star rank, and then identifying the qualities that set them apart from their contemporaries. The Project believes that such a study will reveal the true cause and nature of the alleged inequity and either prove or disprove the perceived inferiority.


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