Manilaliveware: From parody to plagiarism


Update: Within 12 hours of complaints by multiple Timawans on Manilalivewire’s Facebook (FB) page, Manilalivewire quietly — with no admission of wrongdoing — adjusted their article. See here.

Many thanks to the forum members who lent their voice to the protest. It is unfortunate that the mere act of calling attention to their malfeasance got you banned […]

New Facebook page for Philippine Defense Today


As part of Facebook usage adjustments for 2015, this blog’s companion FB page has moved to the following URL:

Although the previous FB page remains, it will no longer be updated.

The Timawa Facebook extension experiment is at an end


Note: This is also posted on the forum here.

In an effort to broaden the community’s reach I experimented with the creation of Facebook extension for select Timawa topics for the following functions:

1.   Focus laser-like attention on specific areas of concern, and to both promote discussion on them as well as to gather useful […]

Thank you defenders of Zamboanga


To the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Special Action Force who defended the republic against enemies of the state who terrorized Zamboanga City. BRAVO ZULU.

Thank you for your service

Updated: Extending forum discussions to Facebook


The forum strives to be a focused, disciplined, heavily moderated discussion venue. This approach has its pros and cons, and the forum has its share of detractors for the periodic draconian measures taken to preserve the tone of discussion.

To create a middle ground of sorts, and to help promote the forum, a number […]

Philippine Defense Today is now on Google+


Philippine Defense Today ( is now on Google+. Visit: