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Manilaliveware: From parody to plagiarism

Update: Within 12 hours of complaints by multiple Timawans on Manilalivewire’s Facebook (FB) page, Manilalivewire quietly — with no admission of wrongdoing — adjusted their article. See here.

Many thanks to the forum members who lent their voice to the protest. It is unfortunate that the mere act of calling attention to their malfeasance got you banned from their FB page.

Details of adjustments made are available at the bottom of this article.

What was plagiarized?

Compare the Manilalivewire article captured below with the following article. The parody site’s entry, dated September 28, is a word-for-word copy of this blog’s article dated September the 26. Right down to the acknowledgement of “Indonesian Timawans” — but without the context for what a Timawan was. A “Timawan” in the original article’s context referred to the members of the forum.


The post-complaint modifications to the Manilalivewire article include:

  • Removal of references to “Indonesian Timawans” and replacement with “Indonesian media and Wikipedia”. Which by itself still ignores the work put in by Indonesian Timawans who monitored Indonesian media to bring the photos, used in both this and the Manilalivewire article, into focus
  • Removal of references to SSV-1 being the largest combat vessel in Philippine Navy history, and comparisons to BRP Mactan
  • Removal of references to the “improved Makasaar design”, and even references to original designer: Daesun Shipbuilding & Engineering of South Korea

The word-by-word copy of the descriptions of the photographs remain however.

The Timawa Facebook extension experiment is at an end

Note: This is also posted on the forum here.

In an effort to broaden the community’s reach I experimented with the creation of Facebook extension for select Timawa topics for the following functions:

1.   Focus laser-like attention on specific areas of concern, and to both promote discussion on them as well as to gather useful useful information for the mother forum.

2.   Serve as a “newbie sandbox” for potential forum members, so that individuals could get a taste of Timawa-style posting discipline before actually joining in. This was tied to efforts to stem the tide of stupidity that had been inundating the forum
This experiment stared in 2011 coinciding with the creation of the blog that sought to summarize, and highlight the best, discussions on the forum.

The Facebook account policy explicitly requires that individuals use their real names in their accounts, with no obfuscation

Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities. We require people to provide the name they use in real life; that way, you always know who you’re connecting with. This helps keep our community safe.
Please refrain from adding any of these to your name:

   Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation.
   Characters from multiple languages.
   Titles of any kind (ex: professional, religious).
   Words, phrases or nicknames in place of a middle name.
   Offensive or suggestive words of any kind.

When I created my account, I used my “Adroth” persona for the following reasons:

I’ve carried the name “Adroth” for the better part of 14 years and there are in fact friends that address me as such even in real-life, especially if we started our friendship on the forum. Though not strictly following the letter of the FB guidelines, it certainly satisfied it in spirit and intent

Respect for anonymity is the foundation of the Timawa community. We leave it up to individual members to identify themselves to fellow members at the time of their own choosing. Some of us do, especially to facilitate the few rare eyeball events that are organized for select projects. Others are content to remain faceless.  Anonymity – even to each other — has never been a hinderance to our ability to organize real-life projects with real-life impact. The Timawa Donation Group has been operating in this mode and has conducted numerous humanitarian and pro-defense projects since 2006. In keeping with a policy that has served the forum well since its inception in 2000 – I saw no reason to abandon that mode of operation.

Compartmentalization. I don’t want to mix pictures and post filled with either slap-on-the-forehead ignorance or vile vitriol with photos of my family. I keep politics out of my personal FB page for that reason

Efficacy is our goal, not fame. Facebook apparently doesn’t see it that way – at least as of today — and has chosen to enforce its rules.

The following are the largest of the groups. Unfortunately these won’t grow any further and will be unmoderated.


Updated: Extending forum discussions to Facebook

The forum strives to be a focused, disciplined, heavily moderated discussion venue. This approach has its pros and cons, and the forum has its share of detractors for the periodic draconian measures taken to preserve the tone of discussion.

To create a middle ground of sorts, and to help promote the forum, a number of forum-extensions have been created on Facebook. These groups focus on specific discussion points and are packed with links to relevant discussions on the forum. These still have the same laser-like topic-focus of the forum, but have more wiggle room for basic, catching-up, discussion.

These groups are listed here:

C-130s in the Philippine Air Force  A look at the history and the current state of the Lockheed Martin C-130 in PAF service. This presents the C-130 as an indicator of how far the PAF has progressed in its efforts to improve its maintenance record
F-16s for the Philippine Air Force A running account of the PAF’s long-standing efforts to acquire Multi-Role Fighters in general, and Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcons in particular. The discussions in this group are anchored on the latest effort that stemmed from President Benigno Aquino III’s challenge to the PAF to acquire these aircraft within his term of office.
Gripen for the Philippine Air Force Gripen advocates in the Philippine Air Force
W-3A Sokol (Falcon) in the Philippine Air Force A running account of the latest intermediate lift helicopter in the Philippine Air Force, the Swidnik (AgustaWestland) W-3A
Philippine Defense Budget A look at how the Republic of the Philippines spends on its own defense
Self-Reliant Defense Posture  A collection of discussions about how to mobilize the Philippine manufacturing sector to create an indigenous defense industry
Kalayaan Island Group (KIG) Development Forum A look at peaceful development of the KIG. Martial discussions are left at the door. This group talks about how the Philippines can develop the territory and make it self-sustaining . . . so that it doesn’t remain a budget suck
WHECs in Philippine Navy service A running account of former US Coast Guard Weather, High Endurance Cutters (WHEC) that have entered Philippine Navy service
Philippine Artillery A group devoted to efforts to acquire modern artillery systems
Philippine Navy Frigate Acquisition Program The PN’s Desired Force Mix states that it seeks to have six frigates. This group chronicles this development
Armed Forces of the Philippines in the movies A look at how the AFP is portrayed on Philippine cinema