Kia KM-451 trucks enter AFP service

Wednesday , 26, December 2012 Leave a comment

The Armed Forces of the Philippines revealed the entry of sixty (60) South Korean-made Kia KM-451 trucks into AFP service during its 77th founding anniversary celebration. The KM-451 is the ambulance version of the now ubiquitous KM-450 1/4 ton truck that entered service in 2007. The following images were taken from the PTV 4 coverage of the event.

km451 km451a km451b
Screen captures above from the video below Screen capture above from the video below

As a member of the KM-45x family of vehicles, the KM-451 builds upon the maintenance experience and spare-parts base of the KM-450 fleet. The first 100 KM-450s entered AFP service in December 12, 2007, and various batches have been delivered since as part of a project to acquire 651 1 1/4 ton trucks. A forum discussion about these ambulances is available here.

Other ambulances in AFP service include 23 units of the ambulance variant of the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) or “Humvee” which were delivered in November 2011, ambulance variants of the V-150 and Simba APCs, and various civilian ambulances. These vehicles are part of efforts to improve the AFP Forward Medical Support System.

The following screen capture of the Kia Motors Website for the KM-45x family of vehicles provides additional information about the KM-451 and other members of its vehicle family.