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Sunday , 5, February 2012 Leave a comment

The following article is the rationale for the following Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180853572015613/

The Lockheed (not Lockheed-Martin) C-130 Hercules transport aircraft is the largest airlift asset in the Philippine Air Force (PAF). It is the Philippine government’s most capable means of moving personnel and material for everything from combat deployments to disaster response. It provides the “timely” in “timely response”, therefore it is in the public’s interest that they be properly funded, operated, and maintained.

These aircraft, however, have proven to be problematic to operate in significant numbers. The loss of foreign aid as a result of expulsion of the US bases in the early 90’s has had a detrimental effect on the PAF’s budgetary condition as a whole with a corresponding impact on the Hercules fleet. For extended periods in recent post-Clark/Subic history the PAF’s tactical lift capabilities, particularly those of the 220th Airlift Wing, have hinged on solitary C-130s. This is an unacceptable state of affairs.

If the PAF, particularly the 220th Airlift Wing, is to expect the long term political and fiscal support it needs to operate these aircraft sufficient numbers, it must make its case to the Filipino voters. It must effectively articulate its needs, and inspire the people’s trust and confidence.

That trust must be earned. If the PAF is to be entrusted with the billions of pesos it needs to fulfill its mandate – money that must be taken away from roads, schools, health care programs to serve the competing BUT EQUALLY IMPORTANT defense needs of the Republic  — it must be able to show the Filipino taxpayer that it is a responsible steward of those funds.

This page was created to help foster that trust through frank, unvarnished, discussion about the following:

  • Facts about this category of aircraft and the challenges in keeping them operational
  • Accounts of existing problems surrounding these aircraft
  • Solutions . . . solutions . . . solutions

The underlying belief behind this page is that there remain honorable, competent, personnel within the Armed Forces of the Philippines that seek do to what is right. They need our help.