Urban Industrial Corporation

When available, bid reference numbers are linked to Timawa.net discussions.

Address Philippine Representative
Unit 413 V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan City
Tel No: 215-2419
Fax No: 856-6353
Foreign partner (if any) Arcus Co.
P.O.  Box 6
219, Vassil Levski Str.
5140 Lyaskovets, Bulgaria

Kompanija Sloboda A.D.
UI, Ratka Mitrovica bb, 32000 Cacak
Republic of Serbia

Contact person John Dy
General manager
Customer Philippine Army
Product/service Bid Ref# 2009-59: Supply and Delivery of Brand New 9,487 rds. Ctg. 40mm ABHE-SD (10/21/09)

Bid Ref# 2009-031: 1,469 Rds, Ctg. 105mm HEI (08/03/09)

Bid Ref# 2009-031: 3,880 Rds, Ctg. 40mm HEDP (08/03/09)