Why another page about the AFP?

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This blog is an extension of the Timawa.net forum.

Timawans, both in the service and outside, put in a great deal of time and effort to gather verifiable facts about the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and post them on the forum for public consumption. It is a community effort driven by a common desire to get at the facts behind the AFP, its needs, and its current condition.

Given the pace at which the AFP updates its own official pages, the most current information about dynamic topics, such as the AFP Modernization Program, are often found on the pages of the forum, rather on military sites. It is widely regarded as a go-to source for timely updates about the Philippine military.

Among the consumers of Timawa.net/forum research are a sub-set of Timawans and non-member lurkers who are also contributors of Wikipedia. The Wikipedia community, however, frowns upon Internet fora as reference sources. Contributions based on Timawa data, therefore, are labelled as “unreliable“, despite the rigorous steps that the forum community exerts to ensure accuracy. The community isn’t perfect, and anything on the Internet must be taken with a grain of salt, but the Timawa community at large does a fair job of keeping the forum visitor’s salt-intake to a minimum.

To this end, this site has been put up to highlight key discussions on Timawa.net, and to serves as a reference-point to which open source encyclopedias can refer . . . without the “online fora” stigma.

The author has been a member of the Timawa.net moderating team for the past seven years and is a freelance defense writer.

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