JSOTF-P construction project in Camp Basilio Navarro, Zamboanga

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FedBizOpps.com, US government equivalent to PhilGEPS, published a bid invitation to repave a road within Camp General Basilio Navarro in Zamboanga City, headquarters of Naval Forces Western Mindanao (NAVFORWEM). The Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF) – Philippines is facilitating the project. Details are available at the following link.

Excerpts from the invitation

Repave Naval Station Road – Zamboanga City – Camp Navarro, Philippines

The contractor will provide all plant, labor, and materials required to repave the Naval Station Road at Zamboanga City – Camp Navarro, Philippines, in accordance with . . . Statement of Work.


The estimated magnitude of this project is between $25,000.00 and $100,000.00.


This is a construction project which will be performed in the Republic of the Philippines, Camp Navarro – Zamboanga City. The purpose of this project is to demolish, excavate and dispose of the existing asphalt and concrete road, which covers an area of approximately 1,900 square meters, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. The contractor is then required apply sub-base material and compaction to 95% maximum density; and, install a 150 mm thick reinforced concrete cover, with a rough broom finish. The successfull offeror will be required to provide appropriate warning signs and flagmen throughout the construction process. The request for quotation will be issued 2 January 2012; and, quotations must be submitted no later than 10 January 2012 at 4:30 PM Philippine Standard Time (PST). Pre-proposal site visit is tentatively scheduled 7 January 2012 at 2:00 PM PST. Contact the Contracting Officer at jsotfp.cco@gmail.com to RSVP for the Pre-proposal site visit. Prospective offerors will be required to submit concept drawings and plans with their quotations. The magnitude of this project, in accordance with FAR 36.204, is between $25,000 and $100,000. Performance is outside of the United States and its outlying territories; therefore, the award is unrestricted. There is no charge for the solicitation documents; contact the Contracting Officer (jsotfp.cco@gmail.com) for copies of the plans for inspection without charge.


Proposal Submission:

1) Submit your proposals NO LATER THAN 10 January 2012, 4:30 pm, Philippine Standard Time.

2) All quotations delivered in response to this solicitation shall reflect the following information on the address label:

a. Solicitation Number W91NF9-12-Q-C0001

b. The legend, “To be delivered unopened to the Contracting Officer”, and

3) Submit your proposal to the following address:

MSgt Michael A. Holder
JSOTF-P/J4 – Contracting
Camp Navarro – Zamboanga City, Philippines
Email address: Michael.holder@jsotfp.socpac.socom.mil