AFP was a user of Chinese equipment long before Duterte


The 48th anniversary of the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing, on the 13th of September, 2016, gave President Duterte’s critics yet another treasure-trove of “Duterteisms” that have since become fodder for punditry on defense social media and even generated international interest in Philippine foreign policy. In this latest episode, Duterte stated, among other controversial assertions, his […]

Why 5.56mm sniping rifles for the AFP?


On August 21, 2006 the Timawa forum saw a discussion between a Philippine Marine Colonel (MBLT6) and a Singaporean Army Major (Shingen) about sniper rifles an engagement distances in the the Philippine setting. The end result was a glowing response from Shingen as follows:

This is one of the best post, or not the best […]

How are “special units” in the AFP different from each other?


At one point or another, military enthusiasts ask this question. Typically in relation to discussions that dwell on the ascendancy of one special unit versus another. “Who is more elite?”¬†When faced with such queries, professional often point out there each special unit is trained for a specific task and require individuals suited for such tasks. […]

Light Armored Division gets P20.4M to revitalize vehicles


The Philippine Army Light Armored Division is applying P20.4M to acquire spare parts for its armored vehicles. Whether or not these spares will be used to revive vehicles that were in storage, or will be used on already-operational vehicles, is currently unclear.

The PA Bids and Awards Committee initiated the following projects in the closing […]