2012: What’s happening in the AFP capability upgrade program?

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If 2011 was the modernization year of the Philippine Navy, the year 2012 was a more balanced period with significant acquisitions for all services. The following table shows some of the projects completed for each service. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all acquisitions that occurred in the past year, and omits projects for which details are still missing as of writing. It also does not include the significant number of modernization projects that are still in various stages of completion.

PAF_mod Combat Utility Helicopter Project w3b1 The first batch of three W-3 Sokol helicopters, out of a total of 8 aircraft, were delivered on March 9, 2012.Timawa discussion here
w3b2 The second batch of W-3 Sokols were delivered on November 28, 2012.Timawa.net discussion here
C-130 refurbishment program  4704 C-130H #4704 returned from a Programmed Depot Maintenance cycle in the United States on October 2012Timawa.net discussion here
3633 C-130B #3633 underwent its Programmed Depot Maintenance at the 410th Maintenance Wing in Clark AFB. It re-entered service on December 28, 2012.Timawa.net discussion here
PN_mod BRP Ramon A Alcaraz (PF-16)  pf16 The former WHEC-716, USCGC Dallas, was turned over to the Philippine Navy on May 22, 2012 and re-christened the BRP Ramon A Alcaraz (PF-16)Timawa.net discussion here
Multi-Purpose Assault Craft Mk.2  mpac2 The Multi-Purpose Assault Craft (MPAC) Mk.2, which were entirely manufactured in the Philippines, were commissioned in August 2012. Three units were accepted.Timawa.net discussion here
71155_327179393712_8339928_n KM-451 ambulances  km451 The latest variant of the Kia KM45x series of trucks were revealed to the public on AFP Day 2012. 60 units were acquired.Timawa.net discussion here
M-16A1 rehabilitation program  m16refurb The Government Arsenal’s newly formed Small Arms Repair and Upgrade Division turned over the first 200 refurbished rifles to the AFP. Eventually 8,000 rifles will be repaired.Timawa.net discussion here


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