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SEC. 49. Accounting of Reservists. - All reservists, particularly those belonging to the Ready and Standby Reserves, shall be accounted for, their records and status updated and present whereabouts ascertained in order to ensure their readiness to the call to duty. As far as practicable, the services of the national and local reservists and veterans organizations will be tapped to assist in the accounting of reservists.

SEC. 50. Organization for Maintenance and Administration of the Reserve Force. - The major services shall be responsible for the administration, training, equipage and maintenance of their respective reserve components subject to the regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense. In the General Headquarters, AFP and in each Major Service Headquarters, there shall be a staff division of the level of the principal coordinating staff which shall be dedicated to planning and policy formulation for the administration, development, organization, training, equipage, maintenance and utilization of their respective Reserve Force component. The Chief of Staff, AFP shall create an AFP Reserve Command within one (1) year from the effectivity of this Act. In the case of the major services, there shall further be a separate unit dedicated to the implementation of such plans and policies. In staffing the command structure of these units, preference shall be given to qualified reserve officers in the active service and integrees.

SEC. 51. Training of Individual Reservists and Reserve Units. - Maximum opportunity shall be afforded the reservists to update their skills through compulsory or voluntary training. Such training shall have for its principal purpose the enhancement of the readiness of the individual reservists and reserve units to respond to the call to service. To this end, there shall be two (2) types of training:

(1) Compulsory training of not less than thirty (30) days but not more than sixty (60) days for reserve units and/or individual reservists in a given year preferably to First Category Reservists; and

(2) Voluntary training subject to the capability of the AFP to provide the training. Individual reservists, commissioned and noncommissioned officers shall be encouraged to undergo training on a voluntary basis to upgrade their proficiency with priority to the officers and key noncommissioned officers of the Standby Reserve units. The Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe the course of instruction for the aofrementioned training. The services of qualified individual enlisted and officer reservists shall be utilized to the maximum in the conduct of ROTC and reservists' training.

SEC. 52. Reserve Officers' Nonresident Instruction. - Each major service shall conduct on a continuing basis non-resident instruction for the purpose of maintaining and updating the proficiency of its reservist officers, particularly key officers of Ready Reserve units. Such instruction shall prepare these reserve officers to assume duties up to brigade command and staff or equivalent. The reserve officers undertaking such course shall be given priority for call to annual duty training or service with their units or with other AFP units. Successful completion of the nonresident course will be equivalent to having undertaken one (1)annual active duty training tour.

SEC. 53. Active Duty Tour for Training of Reserve Officers. -In order to improve their professional competence and leadership qualities, reserve officers in the inactive status shall be called to active duty for a period not exceeding two (2) years without extension: Provided, That the quota for such active duty tour shall as far as practicable be proportionately distributed to the provinces and cities based on their reserve officer population and size of the reserve units, with priority to units of Ready Reserve 1: Provided, fitlylier, That the reserve officers called to active duty shall as far as practicable serve in the province of their reserve unit assignment. A reserve officer who has served his tour
shall not be called again to active duty until after five (5) years, except in case of mobilization.

SEC. 54. Classification and Maintenance of Readiness of Reserve Units. - Units which are composed of reservists of the Ready Reserve shall be classified as to degree of readiness to respond to the call to service, as follows:

(1) Ready Reserve I - Units classified as Ready Reserve I shall be maintained in a high degree of readiness as to be ready for operational employment in not more than seven (7) days after activation. The individual and crew served weapons and individual clothing and equipment shall be ready for distribution upon their activation. The whereabouts of their reservists shall be constantly ascertained. As necessary, these units shall carry an excess of twenty percent (20%) of their authorized personnel strength to compensate for those who may fail to report or be late in reporting for duty.

(2) Ready Reserve II - Units classified as Ready Reserve II shall be maintained in a degree of readiness as to be ready for operational employment in not more than fifteen (15) days. The Chief of Staff, AFP shall select and recommend to the Secretary of National Defense the reserve units under Ready Reserve I and Ready Reserve II: Provided, That in areas threatened by insurgency, there shall be at least one (1) unit of infantry battalion strength under readiness status of Ready Reserve I.

SEC. 55. Mobilization Stock. - The minimum essential individual and organizational equipment and supplies shall be procured, stored and maintained for selected Ready Reserve units to enhance rapid transition to readiness required for employment in the shortest possible time.

SEC. 56. Training as Requisite for Promotion. - Successful completion of training pursuant to Sections 51 and 52 hereof shall be a requisite for promotion in rank in the inactive status.

SEC. 57. Classification of Reserve Officers in the Inactive Status. - There shall be only one (1) classification of reserve officers in the inactive status regardless of their source or nature of commission. Likewise, there shall be only one (1) seniority and lineal list for all reservist officers in the inactive status regardless of their source of commission, subject to the rules and regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense.

SEC. 58. Status of Reservists on Training. - Reservists on compulsory training shall be subject to military law. They shall not receive pay but shall be entitied to allowances and burial benefits as provided by law. Reservists on voluntary training are also subject to military law but shall not be entitied to allowances.


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