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Which of the following columns describes you?
I want to be a reservist

You want to do something for the country, and believe that service through the Armed Force of the Philippines is the way for you. But you do not want to take up the profession of arms full-time.

The following links will help you understand how to become a reservist, the skills that the reserve force needs, and how to join the AFP service of your choice.

  AFP services and their reserve components
  Joining the reserves
  Locating a reserve unit in your vicinity
  Ready vs Standby reserves
  About serial numbers
I am a reservist

You have completed training required to be a reservist, and you have been issued your serial number. Now you want to best reservist that you can be.

The following links will help you understand the some of the in's and out's of being a reseruvst;; how to advance in, and be an effective member of, the organization

  Physical fitness standards
  Dealing with employers during mobilization
  Pay and benefits
  Eligibility for promotion
  Call to Active Duty (CAD)
  Joining the regular force


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