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SEC. 44. Elected Officials and Presidential Appointees. -Elected officials and presidential appointees may be commissioned in the Reserve Force subject to the existing AFP rules and regulations.

SEC. 45. Award of Ranks and Assignments to Reserve Units of Graduates of ROTC. - Graduates of basic ROTC shall be given a reserve enlisted rank and serial number and assigned to reserve units and mobilization centers in their provinces. The ranks to be awarded shall be from private to sergeant or its equivalent:

Provided, That the quota for noncommissioned officers shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the authorized strength of the unit to which the reservists shall be assigned after graduation: Provided, further, That those to be awarded rank above private shall be chosen based on merit. Those who continue to the advance ROTC course shall continue to carry their enlisted rank until their successful completion of advance ROTC.

SEC. 46. Disposition of Graduates of Advance ROTC. -Those who successfully completed the advance ROTC course shall be recommended for commission in the reserve as second lieutenants and assigned to the reserve units and mobilization centers in their provinces. Those with manifest potential may be commissioned in the regular force as second lieutenants subject to the criteria for regular officers of this rank for that particular service. Those who fail to complete the course shall be conferred the enlisted rank of sergeant or its equivalent and similarly assigned to reserve units and mobilization centers. Probationary training as a requisite before commissionship shall be determined by the major service concerned based on technical skills, experiences or qualifications of the applicants.

SEC. 47. Notification of Reserve Assignment. - The reservist shall be notified in writing of his assignment to a reserve unit and a mobilization center. He shall be made to acknowledge receipt in writing of such notification.

SEC. 48. Reservists Registry. - The Armed Forces of the Philippines shall provide all city/municipal treasurers of chartered cities and municipalities of the list of those who have successfully completed military training, indicating therein among others their rank, serial number, reserve unit assignment and mobilization center. It shall be the duty of the local civil registrar to maintain and update the reservists registry.



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