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SEC. 35. Basic Citizen Military Training. - Registrants finally selected for military training pursuant to Section 30 hereof shall undergo a basic military training for a period of not more than six (6) months. The Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe the course of instruction. The course of instruction shall include, among others, subjects on moral virtues, patriotism, discipline, support for and adherence to the Constitution, and respect for the rights of civilians.

SEC. 36. Citizen Military Training Center. - There shall be established in every province at least one (1) training center for the conduct of citizen military and reservist training with a minimum training capacity of one (1) infantry rifle comply at a time. These training centers shall form part of the reserve component organization of the major services and shall be referred to as citizen military training centers.

SEC. 37. Incorporation into Training. - Upon reporting to their assigned training centers, the selected registrants shall be physically examined and if found fit for the service shall be inducted into service. Where a change of training center is necessary to provided the requisite training, the commanding officer of the training center shall be authorized to issue the necessary orders covering his transportation and provide the funds for the purpose: Provided, That no registrant shall be transferred to a training center outside his province or designated training center except in the case of Philippine Navy and Philippine Air Force registrants if there are no air or naval training centers thereat.

Note: Section 38 and 39 of this law were expressedly superceded by Republic Act 9163:National Service Training Program Act of 2001.

SEC. 38. Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC). - Military training for students enrolled in colleges, universities and similar institutions of learning is mandatory pursuant to the provisions of the National Defense Act and the 1987 Constitution.

SEC. 39. Establishment of ROTC Units in Schools. - At such colleges, universities and similar institutions of learning that request for the conduct of military training in their institutions, there shall be established and maintained Reserve Officers' Training Corps units as the Secretary of National Defense may approve, which shall conduct military training for the students of such institutions for the purpose of producing enlisted and officer reservists. The program of instruction shall be prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense and may include instruction to prepare female students for military service:
Provided, That such course of instruction shall not exceed two (2)academic years in the case of enlisted reservists, and four (4)academic years in the case of officer reservists which shall include as necessary summer or probationary training of not more than sixty (60) consecutive days. The first two (2) years of ROTC training, which is mandatory, shall hereafter be referred to as basic ROTC while the second two (2) years after said basic ROTC, which is voluntary, shall hereafter be referred to as advance ROTC. The allocation of ROTC units to the various major services of the AFP shall conform to the projected manpower needs of their respective reserve components.

SEC. 40. Acceptance for Advance ROTC. - Students who volunteer for advance ROTC shall be screened by an ROTC acceptance board which is hereby created for the purpose, composed of the commandant of the ROTC unit, a representative of the school nominated by the school authorities, and a military physician. The student volunteer shall be physically examined for fitness for training and shall further be made to execute in writing a testament that he volunteered for training of his own volition. Where the student is below eighteen (18) years of age, he shall be required obtain his parent's or guardian's consent. In the case of students volunteering for reserve officers' training, they shall further be subject to competitive examination in order to select the best material. The students undergoing advance ROTC shall be referred to as advance ROTC cadets.

SEC. 41. Organization and Staffing of ROTC Units. - The Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe the organization and staffing of ROTC units. Reserve officers in the active service as well as qualified enlisted and officer reservists in the inactive status shall be given priority to handle training instruction and to assist in the administration and shall be entitied to receive honoraria and other allowances as the Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe.

SEC. 42. Funds for Maintenance and Operation of School ROTC Units. - The funds for the establishment, maintenance and operation of ROTC units shall be provided for in the regular annual appropriations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Such appropriations shall provide for the full funding support for advance ROTC only. The school of the student may not be required to spend any amount for the establishment, operation and maintenance of ROTC training: Provided, That the school requesting for such establishment shall provide the training ground and office facilities free of charge. The advance ROTC cadets shall each be provided free two (2) suits of fatigue uniform with headgear, belt and one (1) pair of combat boots for the duration of the training. However, those taking the basic ROTC are required to pay a reasonable ROTC fee, the amount to be determined by the Secretary of National Defense in coordination with the school officials concerned.

SEC. 43. Scholarship Incentive for Advance ROTC Training. -Students undergoing advance ROTC who belong to the upper five percent (5%) of their academic class shall be provided a tuition subsidy of fifty percent (50%) of their annual tuition for the period of their advance ROTC. The funds for this purpose shall be carried in the annual appropriations of the AFP. The Chief of Staff, AFP shall promulgate the guidelines for the implementation of tills provision.





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