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SEC. 14. Compulsory Military Registration and Training. - All male citizens between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty-five (25) years who are not reservists shall be required to register for military instruction. Registration shall take place in suitable registration places to be prescribed by the city or municipal government between the dates of April First and Seventh commencing one (1) year-after the effectivity of this Act. Biennial registrations shall be held during the same period in succeeding years.

SEC. 15. Exemption from Compulsory Military Training. The following are exempted from military training:

(1) Members of the clergy of any religious order or sect, except if they volunteer;

(2) Those in the active service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and police members of the Philippine National Police;

(3) Superintendent and uniformed members of the National Penitentiary, corrective institutions, and insane asylums; and

(4) Licensed air and maritime pilots, navigators and merchant marine officers.

SEC. 16. Registering Officer. - For the purpose of registration as provided for in Section 14 hereof, the city/municipal treasurers of chartered cities and municipalities are hereby designated as registering officers. The Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe and provide the forms to be used in registration and prescribe the procedures for the conduct and reporting of the results of the registration.

SEC. 17. Persons Disqualified or Exempted from Registration. - The following persons are disqualified or exempted from registering:

(1) Persons who are disqualified by law from employment in government service;

(2) Those who are physically or mentally unfit as certified by an AFP medical officer;

(3) Those suffering incarceration awaiting trial by a court of law: Provided, That upon their release from custody they shall without delay register;

(4) Those convicted by final judgment of criminal offenses involving moral turpitude;

(5) Students of colleges, universities and similar institutions who are undergoing ROTC training during the pendency of their training recognized by the military authorities as among those undergoing training to qualify as reservists; and

(6) Those persons who are constituted as members of affiliated units for the duration of time that they hold such membership: Provided, That upon the termination of their membership, they shall be subject to military training.

SEC. 18. Selection of Registrants for Compulsory Training. -Registrants who are to undergo compulsory training as provided for in this Act shall be selected in the month of May every year by drawing of lots by a board of canvassers. The Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe the procedure for the selection of registrants.

SEC. 19. Board of Canvassers. - There is hereby created a board of canvassers, one (1) for each province and chartered city, for the purpose of selecting the registrants who will undergo compulsory military training as provided for in Section 18 hereof. The board shall be composed of the following:


Division Superintendent of Schools Chairman
Provincial Fiscal member
The appropriate military commander as the Secretary of National Defense may designate member


City Superintendent of Schools Chairman
City Fiscal member
Chief of Police member

SEC. 20. Quota for Compulsory Training. - The Secretary of National Defense shall furnish each provincial governor and city mayor with the quota of registrants for compulsory military training to be drawn from their respective province or chartered city. The quota for the province shall be broken down into municipal quotas.

SEC. 21. Acceptance of Registrants Volunteering for Military Training. - Registrants who are not selected for compulsory military training but who volunteer for such training may be accepted and allowed to undergo military training: Provided, That said volunteers shall physically qualify for fitness after examination for training and shall be made to execute a written statement that they volunteered for training at their own will.

SEC. 22. Registration of Citizens Residing or Working Abroad. - Filipino citizens residing or working abroad, when they become liable to register for reservists' training under this Act, shall register with the nearest diplomatic or consular office of the Republic of the Philippines which shall transmit the registrants' data to the Secretary of National Defense.

SEC. 23. Notice to Selected Registrants. - The board of canvassers shall cause the immediate and adequate publication of the names of the registrants who have been selected in accordance with Section 18 hereof and at once notify the registrants concerned to report to the acceptance board of the city or municipality where they reside. The board of canvassers shall furnish each acceptance board with the list of the registrants whose names were drawn.

SEC. 24. Acceptance Board.- There is hereby created an acceptance board in each municipality and chartered city which shall examine and classify registrants whose names have been referred to it by the board of canvassers and pass upon the registrants' fitness for training and application for deferment, if any. The decision of the board shall be by majority vote. The Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe the procedure for the operation of the acceptance board.

SEC. 25. Composition of the Acceptance Board. - The board shall be composed as follows:


Local Civil Registrar Chairman
City Health Officer member
Chief of Police member
One Civic Leader (to be chosen by local civic organizations) member


Local Civil Registrar/Municipal Treasurer Chairman
Municipal Health Officer member
Chief of Police member
One Civic Leader (to be chosen by local civic organizations) member

SEC. 26. Classification of Selected Registrants. - Registrants shall undergo physical examination to be conducted by the health officer. The acceptance board shall then classify them into the following categories:

(1) Class A - Fit for unlimited service;
(2) Class B - Fit for limited service only;
(3) Class C - Deferred until later date; and
(4) Class D - Exempted for mental/physical reasons.

SEC. 27. Deferment from Training. - The acceptance board, upon evaluation of the evidence to support application for deferment, may grant deferment on the following grounds and conditions:

(1) Individuals who are indispensable to the support of their dependent families may be granted deferments not exceeding two (2)years after which they shall be subject to training;

(2) Students enrolled in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) in colleges and universities are automatically granted deferment which shall not extend beyond the period they are to complete their basic ROTC training. Students who successfully complete such training shall be exempted. Those who fail to complete, or discontinue the training, shall be subject to training;

(3) Seminary students of any religious sect shall be granted deferments for not exceeding the prescribed course in the seminary. Those who complete the course shall be exempted from training. Those who fail to complete shall be subject to training;

(4) Cadets of the Philippine Military Academy and of other military or police service academies, local or foreign, to include cadets of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy and other similar local merchant marine academies duly recognized by the Government for the training of officer candidates, including those selected for cadetship in such academies, shall be granted deferments for not exceeding two (2) years. Those who successfully complete at least one-half (1/2) of the prescribed period of the course shall be exempted from training. Those who fail to complete one-half (1/2) of the prescribed period shall, upon their discharge from their courses, be subject to training;

(5) High school students who are in their last year of schooling may be granted deferment for not more than one (1) year; (6) Selected registrants residing or working abroad shall be granted deferment for the duration of their stay abroad; and

(7) Elected officials and presidential appointees whose appointments are passed upon by the Commission on Appointments, during their incumbency.

SEC. 28. Appeal from Decision of the Acceptance Board. -Where the acceptance board denies the claim of an individual for deferment, he may within thirty (30) days after receipt of written notification by the board appeal his case in writing directly to the Secretary of National Defense. The Secretary of National Defense shall render a decision thereon within sixty (60) days from the date of filing of the appeal. The appellant shall be accorded the right to enjoy the right to be heard by himself and counsel and to present evidence in his behalf. The decision of the Secretary of National Defense or his duly authorized representative shall be final.

SEC. 29. Expenses of the Acceptance Board. - The expenses incident to the operation of the acceptance board shall be borne by the Department of National Defense which shall include the funds therefor in its annual appropriations. The nature and amount of such expenses shall be prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense. The members of the acceptance board shall not receive any salary or compensation for their services in the board. They shall be entitied to receive allowances as the Secretary of National Defense shall prescribe.

SEC. 30. Final Acceptance by the Board. - The registrants who shall have been finally qualified and selected by the acceptance board shall be reported to the Secretary of National Defense. Those selected shall upon instruction report to the designated military camp or unit for training.

SEC. 31. Procurement of Reservist Officers and Noncommissioned Officers for Affiliated Reserve Units. - Key officers and employees of government or private entities, corporations, establishments and organizations which have affiliated units shall be encouraged to undergo military training to qualify them as reserve officers or noncommissioned officers. As such, they shall be assigned to key positions in the affiliated units where they are employed and called to active service with these units once they are activated.

SEC. 32. Security of Tenure in Government or Private Employment While on Military Training. - An employee in the Government including one in a government-owned or controlled corporation or private employment with monthly operating volume of not less than Three hundred thousand pesos (P300,000.00) and not less than twenty (20) employees who undergoes military training shall not be separated or terminated from such employment, shall not be considered as having forfeited his seniority status, if any, and shall continue to receive the salary he was receiving prior to his call to military training.

In the case of private employment, payment of basic salary during such military training shall be in accordance with existing laws or with his company's plicies on its employees on leave from his employment. Upon termination of his military training, he shall resume his former position or, if not practicable, he shall be assigned to a new position without diminution of his pay and allowances, provided he is honorably terminated or discharged from such training or service; otherwise, his record of dishonorable discharge from military training or service shall be taken into account as to whether or not he should be reinstated to his former employment.

SEC. 33. Draftee Training and Service. - As may be ordered by the President, male citizens between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty-five (35) shall be called to training and active service for a period not to exceed twenty-four (24) months, broken down into a training period of not more than six (6) months and an active service period of not more than eighteen (18) months. Registrants will be selected for draftee training and service in accordance with Sections 14 to 26 hereof. A draftee may volunteer and be accepted for an extension of active service of not more than twelve (12) consecutive months, after which his services as draftee shall be terminated. A draftee during the period of his active duty service to include the extension of such service is entitled to receive all the pay and allowances due his grade as received by any member of the regular force: Provided, That, upon termination of his draftee service, he shall receive a separation gratuity of not less than one (1) month salary for every year of his service to include the six (6) months of training upon the condition that a period of six (6) months shall be considered a complete year for purposes of this gratuity.

SEC. 34. Retention for Maximum Hospitalization. - A reservist/draftee who is injured or contracts a disease or sickness while undergoing training and service, not due to his intentional misconduct, willful failure or neglect, or vicious or immoral habits, shall be retained beyond the period of his reservist/draftee service with his consent for the necessary hospitalization and medical care until such time that he recovers, or is determined that further hospitalization will not improve his condition. During the period of hospitalization, he shall be entitled to subsistence allowances and hospitalization benefits as are available to the members of the regular force who are patients in armed forces hospitals.



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