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SEC. 11. Citizen Soldiers. - The citizen soldiers, alternately referred to as reservists, who compose the Reserve Force are those reservists of the Armed Forces of the Philippines who are incorporated into the Reserve Force, as follows:

(1) Graduates of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) basic and advance courses and who were issued orders as enlisted reservists or reserve officers of the AFP;

(2) Graduates of authorized basic military training instructions who, as a result thereof, were issued orders as enlisted reservists or reserve officers;

(3) Ex-servicemen and retired officers of the AFP and other armed forces that have diplomatic relations with the Philippines who were honorably discharged or retired from the service and who are Filipino citizens upon their application;

(4) Recognized World War II guerrillas who were honorably discharged from the service;

(5) Commissioned and noncommissioned officers under the Affiliated Reserves category and graduates of the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP); and

(6) Commissioned, noncommissioned officers and privates under the existing laws including those procured under project 36-70 and included in the present AFP roster before the enactment of this Act and those to be commissioned or enlisted after the enactment of this Act.


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