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SEC. 7. Mission. - The mission of the Citizen Armed Force, alternately referred to as the Reserve Force, is to provide the base for the expansion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the event of war, invasion or rebellion; to assist in relief and rescue during disasters or calamities; to assist in socioeconomic development; and to assist in the operation and maintenance of essential government or private utilities in the furtherance of overall mission.

SEC. 8. Organization. - The Reserve Force shall be organized into five (5) components, namely: (1) The Army Reserve Component; (2) The Air Force Reserve Component; (3) The Navy Reserve Component; (4) The AFP-Wide Technical Reserve Component; and (5) The Affiliated Reserves.

SEC. 9. Organization of Reserve Components. - The organization of each component of the Reserve Force and the manpower objective of each component shall be as prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense and approved by the President of the Philippines. The organization, structure, manning and equipment of reserve units shall conform to the organization of the regular force. Reserve units of a battalion type or equivalent shall be organized on a provincial basis, and reserve units of a brigade and division type or equivalent, on a regional basis. The organizational structure and manning of the affiliated reserve units shall be prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense and shall as much as possible Conform to their existing civilian organization.

SEC. 10. Affiliated Reserves. - As the President shall approve upon recommendation of the Secretary of National Defense, certain private and government entities, corporations, establishments and organizations at the national, provincial and municipal levels which provide essential public services such as water, light, transporation and communications which are necessary to support the prosecution of national defense plans or to meet an emergency shall be organized as affiliated units of the Reserve Force. These affiliated units shall be constituted by appropriate orders to be issued by the Secretary of National Defense, given unit designations and assigned to the appropriate reserve components of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The roster of the officials and employees of these affiliated units shall be included in the orders of constituting the units. These units shall be so utilized in times of war or emergency to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted provision of the essential services they are rendering.




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