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SEC. 2. The Regular Force. - It is the policy of the State to maintain a standing or regular military force in times of peace consonant to its adequate and actual needs for the security of the State but which can be rapidly expanded by the well-disciplined Citizen Armed Force in the event of war, invasion or rebellion.

SEC. 3. The Security and Socioeconomic Development of the State. - The Citizen Armed Force shall be provided maximum opportunity to participate in safeguarding the security of the State and in assisting in socioeconomic development.

SEC. 4. The Call to Personal Military and Civil Service. - The Citizen Armed Force shall be so organized, trained, developed and maintained as to ensure their readiness to immediately respond to the call to service.

SEC. 5. The Public Awareness. - The State shall promote and develop public support to and awareness of the important role of the Citizen Armed Force as protector of the people and the State.

SEC. 6. The Manpower of the Citizen Armed Force. - The manpower objective of the Citizen Armed Force shall conform to projected and actual needs. It is not envisioned by the State to have a nation under arms, unless extremely necessary.



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