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TweetNote: This article is also available on the forum on the long-standing “What’s happening with the AFP modernization program” thread. In comparison with the past two years, 2013 was significantly muted from a modernization perspective. Many of the acquisitions that had been announced in previous years have either been delayed, fell through, or have […]

TweetTen months after delivery from Poland in February, and only weeks after the second-batch of two units arrived at Clark AFB, the Sokols have been deployed to their first high profile mission in COMPOSTELA Valley in support of relief operations in the wake of typhoon Pablo. The following screen capture from an ABS-CBN report shows […] forum discussion:¬† The Department of National Defense initiated the P3 billion Combat Utility Helicopter acquisition project in July 24, 2008. This acquisition was for the Philippine Air Force, but because of its amount, it fell under the responsibility of the DND Bids and Awards Committee (BAC). The project sought eight (8) utility helicopters that […]

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