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TweetIn light of the increasing number of concerned Filipinos organizing themselves for expeditions to the Municipality of Kalayaan, the original “Traveling to Pag-asa” article (available here) has been updated to incorporate fresh information. It includes an updated travel planning flowchart, updates on private initiatives to reach the islands, as well as a few minor edits. How far away is […]

TweetAt over 300 kilometers west of Palawan, the islands of the Municipality of Kalayaan are among the most remote communities in the Republic of the Philippines. It is in the same league as Basco in Batanes, and Mapun (Cagayan de Sulu) and Bongao in Tawi-Tawi.  What sets this municipality apart, however, are the a unique […]

TweetAt the best of times, hostilities between nations are the exclusive domain of the ambassadors. At worst, they are the province of the generals tasked to apply martial solutions to the problem. Tensions between the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China are no different in that they leave the man-on-the-street with no scope for involvement […]

TweetNote: This article has been updated on to include information about House Bill 4167 The fishermen and municipal workers and families that live on Pag-asa Island comprise the most isolated civilian community in the Republic of the Philippines. The island, the largest of eight (8) Philippine occupied coral outcroppings in the Municipality of Kalayaan, is approximately […]

TweetAs of writing, the Pag-asa Elementary School is not yet under the administration of the Department of Education. Reportedly the DepEd is only providing technical assistance at this point, because the Municipal government of Kalayaan is still working to fulfill the following requirements: 1. Formal turnover of a one hectare plot of land for the […]

TweetThe most important school in the Republic of the Philippines has been established on the Kalayaan Island Group: The Palawan Elementary School.   The photo above was taken from an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which posted the following caption for it: PAG-ASA CLASS OF 2012 The Philippine flag flies in the breeze as […]

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