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TweetNote: This article is also available on the forum on the long-standing “What’s happening with the AFP modernization program” thread. In comparison with the past two years, 2013 was significantly muted from a modernization perspective. Many of the acquisitions that had been announced in previous years have either been delayed, fell through, or have […]

TweetIf 2011 was the modernization year of the Philippine Navy, the year 2012 was a more balanced period with significant acquisitions for all services. The following table shows some of the projects completed for each service. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all acquisitions that occurred in the past year, and omits […]

Tweet@ 11:47: “We are not expanding to be a ground force rather we are powering up to project air power in service of our country and our people.”

TweetSince 2006, the Philippine Air Force has been attempting to expand its helicopter fleet beyond its existing stable of Hueys, S-76s, and MD-520s. It focused on two classes of helicopters: transport and attack. There have been three aborted attempts at acquiring an attack platform, and one effort for troop-lift that had to transition to negotiated […] forum discussion:¬† The Department of National Defense initiated the P3 billion Combat Utility Helicopter acquisition project in July 24, 2008. This acquisition was for the Philippine Air Force, but because of its amount, it fell under the responsibility of the DND Bids and Awards Committee (BAC). The project sought eight (8) utility helicopters that […]

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