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The Kalayaan Island Group Development Forum (#pagasaKIG) seeks to promote economic activity on the Kalayaan Island Group, and to make the municipality completely self sustaining. It focuses upon peaceful, constructive, ways to improve the life of the residents of the islands, both civilian and military, to strengthen our moral hold upon the municipality.

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Additional information is also available on the forum here.

Who we are

The nucleus of this informal organization is the Timawa Donation Group, a sub-community of the forum that conducts real-world, non-weapons-related, projects that benefit the AFP and the cause of national defense. A discussion about ways to help occupants of Pag-asa Island laid the groundwork for this organization in 2006. Six years after that initial brainstorming, after several successful projects conducted on the Philippine mainland in cooperation with AFP units, the group finally launched its pilot project for  donations to Pag-asa in 2012 under the banner “I Support the Pag-asa Elementary School”.

With the successful conclusion of the pilot project, and the opening of the 2013 effort to all interested parties, #pagasaKIG now includes members from all over the world and has outstripped the TDG’s existing network. For this reason, this page was put together to help groups organize and set themselves up for a successful donation effort of their own. Many groups ONE GOAL: Protection of the sovereignty over the islands.

Who we are helping

The following resources show the community we are helping:

About the Pag-asa Elementary School

The following video summarizes the rationale for the pilot project, and explains the importance of efforts to shore up the municipality

Kalibrean magazine

The municipality recently launched its official publication, which provides insight into what the community is doing to improve its lot. The following is an Index to the Kalibrean magazine

#2013-01 #2013-02x #2013-0x #2013-0x

About this publication


How are we helping

To date, #pagasaKIG has active projects addressing the following areas of concern:

  • Pag-asa Elementary School
  • Pag-asa Municipal Library
  • Municipal Health Center
  • Awareness campaign for the Pag-asa Sheltered Port Project (see here)

In response to the group’s request, the municipal government is set to share its Medium and Long-Term Development Plans, as well as its Annual Infrastructure Plan, so that all interested parties gain visibility into what needs to be done.

How you can help

You can either join a #pagasaKIG donation node (hereinafter referred to simply as “node”) or help set one up. Nodes that work within the #pagasaKIG framework apply processes designed to ensure the following:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability (minimal overhead, maximum contribution)
  • Independence

Click the links below to view sections of the node operations manual (a work-in-progress). For node leaders, it is a collection of best practices information for operating a node, developed by the Timawa Donation Group over the past six years. For node members, it serves as a guide for what they can/should expect of the node leadership.

Section   Description
What is a #pagasaKIG node? Outlines the characteristics of a recognized #pagasaKIG donation node
Running a node A guide for node leaders
Where #pagasaKIG donations are sent This explains where nodes send their donations, and how they will be received. Remember to keep checking this page for updates since information here may change.