One S211 less

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On the 28th of April, the Philippine Air Force lost one more Aermacchi (formerly SIAI-Marchetti) S211 trainer, and two of its pilots in a crash. S211 #020 crashed in Banawang village, Bagac, Bataan, killing both pilots: Major Ephraim (Ronin) Suyom and Capt. De Leon

The aircraft was one of several S211s modified under the PAF’s Project Falcon to enable it to perform close air support missions. These aircraft are identifiable from other dedicated trainer aircraft by their air superiority-grey color schemes.

This was the 11th aircraft of this type lost to a crash. Details and/or Timawa discussions of this, and past crashes, are available in the links below:

Merged: S-211 crashes in Bataan (4/29); pilot killed (April 2011)
Merged: Incident involving S211 #024 (July 2010)
Merged: S211 missing over Kalayaan (November 2007)
Mechanical problems (January 2002)
Engine failure (December 1998)
Crashed, but aircraft recovered (July 1995)
Ran out of fuel (June 1995)
Mid-air explosion due to ejection seat installation error (March 1993)
Crashed on take-off (September 1992)
Dove into ground (April 1992)
Stall after engine fire (March 1992)

As of writing, the investigation of this most recent crash was in-progress, and the remaining two functional S211s in the inventory were grounded in the interim.


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