Modernizing the PAF helicopter force

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Since 2006, the Philippine Air Force has been attempting to expand its helicopter fleet beyond its existing stable of Hueys, S-76s, and MD-520s. It focused on two classes of helicopters: transport and attack. There have been three aborted attempts at acquiring an attack platform, and one effort for troop-lift that had to transition to negotiated procurement because of two failed bids.

The following table is an updated version of an acquisition status table (see here for original) that the author prepared for the community to facilitate differentiation between the various acquisitions.

Project IAETB Qty Budget Status
Attack helicopter Night Capable Attack Helicopter (NCAH) TBA 6 P1,200,000,000 Initially awarded to Asian Aerospace for MD530F. Award decision on January 7, 2008 cancelled due to irregularities. See here for details.
Attack Helicopter (AH) acquisition projectProject# AFP-MP-PAF-00-08-42 14 P3,213,040,000SARO# D-0706412 FY2007
SARO# D-07-05905
Failed bidding declared
Attack Helicopter (AH) acquisition project (modified)Project# AFPMP-PAF-00-06-042 7 3,213,040,000 Initially awarded to PZL Swidnik for the attack version of the W-3 Sokol. Award decision cancelled in September 2010 due to suspected anomalies. See image below.

Transport helicopter Combat Utility HelicopterProject# AFPMP-PAF-01-03-041 8 P3,000,000,000 After two failed bids, acquisition shifted to negotiated procurement. Notice of Award issued to PZL Swidnik for W-3 Sokol utility helicopter. See herefor details.

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