Joining the RPG bandwagon

Friday , 6, May 2011 Leave a comment\forum discussion:

Admittedly, this is the acquisition that got this blog rolling. A conscientious, but still-unidentified, poster updated the Philippine Army Wikipedia entry to include mention of this acquisition, but was then dismissed as having posted unreliable information because the data came from an online forum. This post is meant to set the record straight.

The first hint that the Philippine Army was seriously looking into acquiring RPGs was reported in the 2008 AFP Modernization report, by way of the following table in the document.

Copies of the September 2010 edition of the Capability Upgrade Program (CUP) status report that circulated in the latter half of this year made mention of the acquisition and described it as being in an advanced stage of the process. During the 114th Anniversary of the Philippine Army, LGEN Arturo Ortiz revealed that an acquisition of 335 units of rocket launchers were indeed being acquired. Subsequent inquiries with Timawans in the service then confirmed that this announcement did in fact refer to the RPGs revealed in the 2008 report.

The Philippine Marine Corps reportedly has its own equivalent acquisition. But the status of this project is currently unclear.


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