The Philippine Navy recently issued bid invitation notices for the “Drydocking and other related repair” of two of its Andrada class patrol boats:

Pre-bid conferences for these ships were set on the 3rd and 6th of May respectively. Submission and opening of bid envelopes for both ships were set for the 20th of May.

Prospective bidders were instructed to contact the following PN office:

Office of the PN Bids and Awards Committee Bonifacio Naval Station, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City Contact person: LT DOMINGO B SUMAYO JR PN Cel Nr: 0917-587-4882 Tel Nr: 889-1301,815-3420 & 843-4416 local 6341 Email Add:

The Andrada class patrol boats are the Philippine Navy’s largest class of patrol boat, numbering twenty-two (22) units, and were built in the early 90s at the Halter Equitable shipyard in New Orleans, Louisana. The class consists of 77-foot and 78-foot versions. The PG-370 and PG-375 are of the 77-foot variety.

Both ships have their respective discussion threads on the forum at the following locations:



Photo of the PG-370 below, c/o Getty Images.