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TweetTo protect the AFP against accepting unsupportable surplus equipment, Administrative Order 169, series of 2007 stipulated the following acceptance criteria. 3.2.3. Used equipment or weapons system may be acquired, provided that: a. The used equipment: or weapon system meets the desired operational requirements of the AFP; b. It still has at least fifteen (15) years service […]

TweetThe Office of the President, Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Philippine Air Force have all publicly declared the Aquino administration’s intention to acquire 12 surplus F-16C/D aircraft from the United States. These are interesting times for the Philippine Air Force, whose prevailing skill-sets are still geared towards equipment that is decades behind the Falcons. […]

TweetThe Capability Upgrade Program is a priority component of the Philippine Defense Reform (PDR) that sought to re-prioritize the AFP modernization program . It consists of three six-year phases designed to bring the AFP to a condition where it could be modernized, before it actually pours funds into modernization. Phase 1: Back to basics This […]

TweetThe Government Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184), which currently governs all government procurement activities went into effect eight years after the Modernization Law. The complexities of the law’s checks and balances have been blamed for much of the delays in the implementation of the modernization program. Among the issues is the primacy of bidding as […]

TweetThis comparison focuses on the following bills that have been filed in the Philippine Senate.  Cong. Rodolfo Biazon’s modernization bill is not available in either the Senate or House bills databases. For this reason, his bill has been excluded from the comparison. To discuss this comparison, see the following discussion: Bill Number Author Status […]

TweetThe largest locally-built navy vessel has arrived in Metro Manila. The BU-346, provisionally named “BRP Tagbanua” arrived from the Philippine Iron Construction & Marine Works (PICMW) shipyard on a voyage that also served as its sea trial. According to AFP sources, the results were deemed satisfactory. This vessel commissioned later this month, long with BRP […]

TweetAccording to the following Notice to Mariners (NOTAM), the Philippine Navy’s latest Landing Craft Utility (LCU) — a breakthrough for SRDP — will conducting its maiden voyag/sea trials on November 10 to 11 by sailing from the PICMW shipyard in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental to Navotas from November 10 to 11, 2011. For details about the […]

Tweet  The Philippine Navy officially acknowledged on its Website that it had sent a Joint Visual Inspection (JVI) team to the US, from October 31 to November 5, to inspect the USCGC Dallas (WHEC-716) in Charleston, North Carolina. This confirms the PN press release shared on the forum on November 7, 2011 at 10:53 […]

TweetBobit Avila, a columnist writing for the Philippine Star, has been an entertaining source of . . . interesting . . . opinions over the years.  His articles have been focal points of a fair number of discussions on the forum, some of which were palm-to-forehead reactions. His views on the Philippine Navy, and how […]

TweetSince 2006, the Philippine Air Force has been attempting to expand its helicopter fleet beyond its existing stable of Hueys, S-76s, and MD-520s. It focused on two classes of helicopters: transport and attack. There have been three aborted attempts at acquiring an attack platform, and one effort for troop-lift that had to transition to negotiated […]